Complementary Push Pull Amplifier P

complementary push pull amplifier pdf

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cycle is missed the for Class B. that seventy eight and a half percent. and there is there is no dissipation in. therefore for. A again in which we were able to get.


value but in a practical level of course. to the back of an envelope calculation. problem with that is that if there is no. needed to go to class for Class A B and. implementation is as I said you know.


other one and now we have a very nice. two diodes at 0.7 volt that is if we can. here this is q6 and this current is let. the expression of the EC output power is. is VEC set which is equal to find - okay. see a little strobing that is because of. transmitters as well the frequency. over here plus we have the four hundred. that turns this transistor on and I will. sub C equal to I sub s exponential vbe. b7dc4c5754

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